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June 14, 2019 - New Leaderboard for Each Tour Leg


If you've fallen behind in the setlist game here's your chance to start over - dmbgame.com will be scoring each of 3 legs of the summer tour separately, in addition to the overall tour score. The leaders section of the site will be updated this weekend, and tonight's set will be scored in the 2nd leg.

Leg 1: April 30 - May 18 (won by K3nTaKa0s)

Leg 2: June 14 - July 27

Leg 3: August 23 - September 22

Good luck and have fun!


Here you can prove that "you called it" before the show. Enter your predictions up to 2 hours prior to the start of a show. Come back during the show for live updates of the actual setlist as it is played and watch your score and place in the standings change. We'll track your total and average scores over the course of the tour.


Have fun!

Scoring Rules

Read the scoring rules here and then make your picks here.

Shows start at 8:00 pm

Your picks must be saved prior to 7:00 pm local time the night of each show.


If you have trouble logging in contact us and tell us the email address you used to register and the username you want to use this tour.